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Episode 250 Interview with Andy Langberg REACTIVATION

December 14, 2020

Andy Langberg is the founder and developer of Reactivation. He has reactivated numerous professional sports teams including NY Giants football, Brooklyn Nets basketball, NJ Devils hockey, Czech tennis, Arsenal soccer, and NY Yankee baseball as well as numerous other professionals, Olympic, college, and high school athletes. Not only used by athletes, but Andy’s clients also range from babies to seniors, homemakers, and to office workers. He opened the Reactivation Institute in 2006 and has taught his healing methods to select students from all over the world.

The Reactivation method is a revolutionary holistic approach that can help get your body back in sync with nature and in the best possible position to heal itself. This non-invasive alternative process looks to correct energetic weaknesses to help create maximum health. Most clients would admit that this is much better demonstrated than explained. They would never have believed the results unless they experienced it themselves. The testimonials will tell you that Reactivation has dramatically improved functional capabilities in every age group, along with elevating sports performance and career longevity in numerous competitive athletes.

A Reactivation session can improve balance and energy flow creating perfect synchronicity and homeostasis within the body. No matter what the type of exercise, football, basketball, golf, tennis, or just walking upstairs... Reactivation addresses the weak energetic links and gets your body into its optimum state and position to be it's best.


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